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Mother Hubbard's Cupboard Food Bank gets a boost from an actual bank

'We were truly overwhelmed. Such a generous donation made us want to cry'
Crissy Green, Norm St. Amour, Bernadette Degagné, Julie Breton, Leyda Lajambe, Chairperson of the church's Outreach and Mission, Pam Zygmont, Reverend Roni Beharry, Valérie Séguin, Julie MacDonald. Submitted.

The staff of Caisse Populaire Alliance is showing its commitment to the Ferris area, in advance of opening their new branch in Nipissing Plaza next spring.

Last week, Caisse staff presented a cheque for $3,000 to Mother Hubbard's Cupboard Food Bank located at Emmanuel United Church at 395 Lakeshore Drive.

The donation was a surprise, as the Caisse had simply said they wanted to meet some of their new neighbours according to a news release.

"We have given to lots of area groups and charities over the years, but with our recent announcement that we are 'making a Caisse for Ferris', our team wanted to use their social fund to do something specifically for our Ferris neighbours, just in time for the holidays," says Regional Manager, Norm St-Amour.

"Our social committee decided to use $1,500 raised through Jean Days to help, and the Caisse Populaire Alliance was generous enough to match that," explains St-Amour.

"As the renovations get underway on our new location at 390 Lakeshore Drive in the Nipissing Plaza, it seemed like a great opportunity to reach out to Mother Hubbard's Food Bank, which is located right across the street," he adds.

Officials with Emmanuel Church and its food bank are still smiling from the surprise gift.

"Our hearts are filled with gratitude for your overwhelming gift of generosity to our community food cupboard. The spillover effect of this gift of compassion will touch many hearts and homes in West Ferris over Christmas and well into 2019. Thank you for this gift of hope and Welcome to West Ferris Caisse Populaire Alliance!" says Reverend Roni Beharry.

Pam Zymont, Chairperson of Outreach Mission and Service says meeting their new neighbours this way was very emotional. "We were truly overwhelmed. Such a generous donation made us want to cry," she adds.