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More water main flushing to take place

2017 Uni-Directional Flushing of the Water Distribution System (Water Mains)
water flushing 1 turl 2016
Water mains flushing. File photo by Jeff Turl.

The City of North Bay Uni-Directional Flushing crew has started flushing in the Greenwood Ave, Elmwood Ave, Maplewood Ave, Clarence St, and Browning St areas.

Anticipated duration for the above streets/areas should be from today, Monday, July 10th through to approximately, Monday, August 14th.

The staff will be going block by block in a given area and will inform Public Works Dispatch each day as to where they will be flushing and what areas will be affected.

You may experience low water pressure and/or cloudy water while the flushing is going on in your area. Once the flushing stops your water pressure will go back to normal and the cloudy water will dissipate.

We ask that motorists exercise caution when driving in areas where City crews are working/flushing water mains.

If you have any questions or concerns or just want to verify that the staff is flushing in your area, call Public Works Dispatch @ 705-474-4340.