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The wedding magic is in the 2's for a North Bay couple

'It will be a cool story to tell the grand kids'
2022 02 22 wedding
Amber Young-LeRoy and Branden LeRoy exchange vows during their 02 22, 2022 wedding. Photo submitted.

During the pandemic having things line up perfectly has been hard. 

Well, Amber Young and Branden LeRoy realize that and when the young North Bay couple saw that February 22, 2022 was approaching, they figured it lined up perfectly for them. So they decided to get married at 2:22 p.m. on February 22, 2022 which has been considered a massively popular wedding date around the world. 

"It will be a cool story to tell the grand kids," said Branden. 

Jasen Belanger, wedding officiant from Eternal Celebrations Church of Christ presided over the small wedding. 

"They wanted this date because to them they will always remember it," said Belanger. 

"She made sure we got a picture of them on her phone at 2:22 so it would show up like that in her photo library. They are just a great young couple that wanted something unique and something that won't happen again in 100 years." 

Amber Young-LeRoy is the one who came up with the idea to get married on the unique date.

According to numerologists, "222 soulmate angel number is considered to be the same soul in two different bodies."

It took them less than a month to decide this would be their special wedding day. 

It was different in other ways too. Instead of a large procession and a beautiful white dress, this wedding was done in an office, with both bride and groom wearing black and sporting converse running shoes. 

"This wedding is very strange," Amber's daughter said during her mother's vows.  

Aside from the attire, and the unique date, there was something else unusual about this ceremony.

It was the location. 

"We did it in a lawyers office as he is a close friend of ours, and it just happens that he is a divorce lawyer," said Branden about the ironic spot for the service.

He says they kept the wedding plans very quiet and he expects some close friends and family will find out about the wedding through this story.  

As for Belanger, he believes this unique wedding adds to his multiple different weddings he has performed over the years.  

"Hopefully one day I will be able to write a book about these different weddings, I have had one at Memorial Gardens at centre ice with a puck drop and a referee jersey, I have done one in the middle of Algonquin Park in a canoe. It is more the stories for me than a job or a business."  

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