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ONR CEO says jobs are plentiful with crown corporation

'We have more jobs posted than we have had in decades'
ontario northland bus station
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Corina Moore says the help wanted sign is bigger than ever at Ontario Northland. 

The president and CEO of Ontario Northland says the list of job opportunities is impressive. 

"We have more jobs posted than we have had in decades and they are across corporate services, skilled trades, bus drivers, engineers, and conductors," said Moore in an interview with BayToday earlier this week. 

Moore added that many of the positions available are for both men and women. 

"Please check out the website for jobs but also recognize we need to raise the awareness that there is 50 per cent of the population that are women and those are the people we need to make sure they know at the very early stages that there is a career for them in transportation," said Moore.  

"So I love to be able to tie into the fact that we are growing in all areas of our business and there is a significant career option. You can work at Ontario Northland for 35 years and have a really great job in the north and that should be open to the diversity of people we have." 

See the Ontario Northland job list 

Moore hopes with COVID-19 restrictions lifting, that the ONR will have the ability to run another spring job fair to create more awareness about the openings.  

"We are going to look at different creative ways of doing it if people feel safe enough and I think we are getting there," she said.  

"We are going to look at some creative ways of getting awareness out there of the possibilities because there are a whole bunch of people that have moved away for university or college that why would you not move back to this piece of paradise. It is just amazing up here and attracting people back to the north and making sure that we help to stomp out youth migration is part of what I want to focus on as well." 

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