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Marks really taking off!

Chris Dawson has a long chat with Cory Marks about music, flying and family
20201006 Cory Marks
Cory Marks. Supplied.

Cory Marks has had a pretty incredible 2020 so far.  

The local artist's album "Who am I" released his newest album in August and by early October he had more than 20 million streams globally.

"It is pretty incredible a kid from North Bay making waves around the world," Marks told BayToday.  

"I got my first top 10 which was with US Rock radio, I got a number twelve on Canadian Rock radio and we got into number three in Germany on German Rock radio."

"It is mindblowing that listeners from 15 to 20 countries tuning in and that could be from Canada to the US, Australia, Brazil to Russia, Argentina, Germany, France, UK, it is just overwhelming but it is very neat to see. To be making this much noise around the world it definitely feels good." 

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Marks soaring! 

While Marks talked with BayToday about the challenges of his musical career without the concert scene and also filled us in on trying to acquire his pilot's license!  

COVID-19 also allowed Marks to spend a lot more time with his family including his brother Matt who is a professional hockey player. 


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