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Worldwide Sunrise Ceremony Marks 100 Years of Scouting

Scouts Canada News Release ************************* Nearly 8,000 youth and volunteers are joining in a worldwide Scouting Sunrise Ceremony this morning from the 11th Canadian Jamboree (CJ'07).
Scouts Canada
News Release


Nearly 8,000 youth and volunteers are joining in a worldwide Scouting Sunrise Ceremony this morning from the 11th Canadian Jamboree (CJ'07). Thousands of other Canadian Scouts are also participating in the Ceremony from a myriad of locations from coast to coast.

To mark the 100th anniversary of Scouting, a kudu horn is being heard on August 1st at 8:00 a.m., local time in 155 countries around the world. Scouts gather together to renew their Promise in the second century of Scouting.

Never before have so many Scouts been "together" at the same moment. At the Canadian Jamboree, near Mille-Isles, the horn is being blown by Lord Robert Baden-Powell's great-grandson, Adam Baden-Clay.

The blowing of the horn is historically significant as it echoes the
sound made 100 years ago by the Founder of the Scouting Movement, Baden-Powell, as he summoned some 20 Scouts together on Brownsea Island. From this small camp in the U.K. sprang the beginnings of a Movement that would span a hundred years and unite millions of young people around the world.

"How wonderful to see so many young people living our great Founder's dream of Scouting, keeping this amazing Movement thriving, and in better shape than ever, a full century after its inception," said Adam Baden-Clay.

"Scouting was developed in part to bridge the divide between different cultures, races and religions, and in so doing, to produce a worldwide brotherhood of young people. It is encouraging and inspiring to see this vision in action here at CJ'07, and to witness the spirit of friendship and understanding that exists between Scouts of all backgrounds."

Following in the footsteps of his great-grandfather, Adam Baden-Clay has been an avid Scouter since the age of 8, and has participated in international Scouting programs in Australia and Switzerland. Adam recently moved to Canada from Australia with his wife and fellow Scouter, Nicole Baden-Clay. As brand new members of Scouts Canada, they are very excited about joining the adventure of Canadian Scouting! "We are thrilled to have Adam with us at this memorable time. August 1st is a significant and emotional day for Scouts and former Scouts," said Chris von Roretz, Deputy Camp Chief. "We gather together to remember how Scouting was founded, what it has become, and all that it has accomplished in making us
better citizens, as we welcome the dawn of the next century of Scouting."

"Over 100 years, the faces that represent Scouting may have changed but its key principles endure," said Hollie Fletcher, Deputy Camp Chief. "Scouts learn to be leaders, self-sufficient, environmentally astute, and wise in their use of resources. We also gain self-esteem and become active in providing community service."

The Scouting Sunrise Ceremony of this morning also marks the last day of the Canadian Jamboree at Tamaracouta Scout Reserve. Over the last eight days, Canadian and International Scouts have joined together in a spirit of world brotherhood and friendship, overcoming barriers of language and differences in custom, race and religion.

“Jamborees are a major event in the life of a Scout," said Hollie Fletcher. "Jamborees contribute to the proliferation of Scouting spirit, turning thoughts into action. Scouting projects strive to make a difference.

Canadian Scouts have planted over 85 million trees in Canada since the 1920s; we participate in community-building projects in developing countries; and we still do good turns every day. Our Scouting youth should be proud of our achievements and the outstanding contributions we make to creating a better Canada, and a better world."