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WKP Gallery announces new director/curator

'Jenn has been a highly motivated and involved creative advocate for our Northern Ontario arts community since her return to her hometown of North Bay'
2022 Jennifer Allison WKP Gallery Director
North Bay native Jennifer Allison is the new WPK Kennedy Gallery Director/Curator. Photo submitted.

The WPK Kennedy Gallery has added an experienced new Director/Curator. 

Jennifer Allison has worked as an entrepreneur, artist, designer and educator over the past 15 years for several global corporations.

"Jenn has been a highly motivated and involved creative advocate for our Northern Ontario arts community since her return to her hometown of North Bay," the Gallery stated in a media release. 

"As she steps into the new role as Gallery Director, Jenn holds firm beliefs that a community is only as strong as their creative sector, and is committed to running a thriving Public Art Gallery where people feel valued, accepted, and represented."

Despite being closed to the public during regular business hours between August 6  to 31, the gallery will still be alive and thriving with new events.

The Bay Block Party is bound to bring long-awaited community festivities to our downtown core that we are so eager to take part in. The Capitol Centre and WKP Kennedy Gallery will be open to the public on Saturday, August 27 from 12 p.m. to  5 p.m. where they will be hosting a variety of live entertainment and interactive art experiences. 

The WKP team will be setting up an outdoor art studio during the Bay Block Party as an interactive street art experience in collaboration with artist Andrew Morrison.

The guest artist will be creating a mixed media artwork that encourages people of all ages to add their own marks to the work through an assortment of supplies offered by the artist.

Gallery officials say the final work will be donated to the gallery as a door prize at our upcoming Clash of the Canvas event on September 1. All Clash of the Canvas ticket holders will have the opportunity to add their name to the draw for a chance to win this original community-based work.

Two more attractions will be available inside the gallery during the Bay Block Party.

In gallery one, Corbin’s art will be curated along with the creative developments that have contributed towards the completion of his work. Visitors will not only be able to see the finished project, but will be able to follow along with the work’s progress through the display of supporting research, sketches, and a screening of the accompanying insightful videos that follow his process.

In gallery two they will have up to five local artists paired with musical instruments to use as their canvas. During the Bay Block Party, artists will be painting live for visitors to witness them transform their instruments into a work of art.