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Vrebosch, Ontario Liberals commit to creating new worker benefits and Canada’s first living wage

'Paid sick days, portable health benefits, and a dynamic, regional living wage will bring stability to our workforce...'
2021 11 24 Tanya Vrebosch Steven Del Duca Liberal (Del Duca-Twitter)
Ontario Liberal candidate for Nipissing Tanya Vrebosch and Ontario Liberal Party Leader Steven Del Duca, in North Bay.

TORONTO — Joined by Tanya Vrebosch and the party's  candidates from across the province this past weekend, Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca launched the Ontario Liberal Plan for Economic Dignity, the party’s first economic platform commitment leading up to the 2022 Election.

“My parents taught me the value of hard work and the right to a fair wage. In a province as wealthy and healthy as ours, no full-time worker should struggle to make ends meet,” Del Duca said. “The Ontario Liberal Plan for Economic Dignity will provide immediate recovery for workers and secure new, long-term portable benefits that let all workers save for a good retirement.”

Vrebosch, the Ontario Liberal Party candidate for Nipissing fully supports the platform. “Paid sick days, portable health benefits, and a dynamic, regional living
wage will bring stability to our workforce and ensure that Ontario’s workers are afforded the opportunity to build a life regardless of where they are in the province."

Del Duca added, "Small business owners have always been Ontario’s greatest economic strength. An Ontario Liberal government will have their back and end Doug Ford’s Big-Box bias. A Liberal government will eliminate corporate taxes for two years on small businesses hit hard by the pandemic and remove the punitive business start-up fees and make Ontario the easiest place to be an entrepreneur."

Vrebosch continued, "Our small business plan will also help ensure that small businesses are supported through these changes as they have experienced significant strain these last few years as well."

The plan for workers is a commitment by the Ontario Liberals to:

  • Replace the minimum wage with a regional living wage starting at $16;
  • Provide all Ontario workers with portable drug, dental, and mental health services;
  • Build to a four day work week;
  • Ban underpaid gig and contract work;
  • Ensure all Ontario businesses offer equal pay for equal work;
  • Match up to $1,000 in annual retirement savings for low-income earners, including portable savings plans for gig-workers; and,
  • Provide 10 paid sick days for all Ontario workers.

The plan for small business owners is a commitment by the Ontario Liberals to:

  • Remove corporate taxes for small businesses hit hard by the pandemic for two years;
  • Eliminate incorporation fees for new start-ups;
  • Guarantee loans to small businesses and help small businesses go digital; and
  • Cap credit card and delivery fees paid by small businesses.

Barring a snap election call, the 2022 Ontario general election will be held June 2 to elect Members of Provincial Parliament to serve in the 43rd Parliament of Ontario.