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Truck convoy headed for Ontario stretched out about 70 kilometres, claims spokesman

OPP say they will be in touch with convoy organizers as necessary along the way.
Freedom convoy 8
The convoy left Regina early Tuesday morning en route for Kenora

THUNDER BAY — Ontario Provincial Police say they will work to ensure there are no safety issues as a lengthy convoy of truckers opposed to mandated COVID-19 vaccinations travels through the Northwest.

There's no verification, but a spokesperson for what the organizers have named Freedom Convoy 2022  said the convoy stretched out for 70 kilometres when it left Regina en route to Kenora on Tuesday morning.

However, other vehicles could join the group along the way.  

The convoy is expected to arrive in Kenora at about 7 p.m. Tuesday, and in Thunder Bay by 4 p.m. Wednesday.

An OPP spokesperson says they will monitor the situation and ensure that "things remain peaceful."

On-duty officers as well as members of the Highway Safety Division will be positioned along the route to provide traffic control as needed.

The OPP's Provincial Liaison Team is also on standby to make contact periodically with convoy organizers.

However, the spokesperson said there will be no police escort unless circumstances change.

He said there is conflicting information about the number of trucks in the convoy, but OPP will get an accurate count when the group arrives at the Manitoba/Ontario border.

The truckers coming from the west will converge with others from eastern Canada this weekend in Ottawa.

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