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Time to get those studded tires removed (after the storm of course)

 Studded tires can be used between September 1 and May 31 in northern Ontario
studded winter tires

You probably can use them this weekend, but OPP are warning that studded winter tires must be off their vehicles before May 31st.  Studded tires can be used between September 1 and May 31st in northern Ontario.

"As one of the coldest countries in the world, there's a reason Canadians love to talk about the weather," says Cst. Phil Young. "Only Russia, Greenland, and Antarctica are colder, so we have plenty to say about how winter conditions affect our lives."

Winter driving can be challenging, and while Quebec is the only province where it's mandatory for every vehicle to have winter tires, all Canadian provinces recommend installing four winter tires when the mercury drops below 7 degrees Celsius.

"Winter tires have replaced what used to be called snow tires," says Young. "The difference is in the tread pattern and rubber compound. Snow tires had deeper grooves for gripping the snow, but the rubber got hard when it was cold and didn't work so well on ice. Today's winter tires have a tread designed to grip both snow and ice by remaining soft in the cold. Transport Canada recommends installing four winter tires to maintain control and stability of your vehicle in icy conditions.   

The number one cause of motor vehicle collisions during snowy conditions is speed.