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Tensions running high in advance of Capitol Centre AGM

Capitol Centre Board of Directors are spoiling for a fight with the advocacy group Kennedy Gallery Friends at the Capitol Centre’s Annual General Meeting this Wednesday.

Capitol Centre Board of Directors are spoiling for a fight with the advocacy group Kennedy Gallery Friends at the Capitol Centre’s Annual General Meeting this Wednesday.

Current actions by the group had the board rallying to protect the fundamental vision, cultural identity of the Centre and all that it stands for in North Bay and the surrounding region.

“Misinformation proposed by a self-appointed advocacy group calling itself the Kennedy Gallery Friends, will be presenting a plan for reorganization of the Gallery, and it is important that all supporters of the Capitol Centre have the opportunity to hear the plan and have their say,” states Dee Adrian in her regular arts column.
She says the management team with the board of directors blessing want to continue the 25-year tradition of the Capitol Centre being the citizens’ home for arts, culture and entertainment, including the WKP Kennedy Gallery.
“To do this, we need your support,” she notes.

Clearly frustrated with rumours, which could be compared to as a game of telephone, about the gallery and its place in the Capitol Centre Adrian outlines the facts.

  • FACT: The reorganization of the Capitol Centre including the WKP Kennedy Gallery provided one of the most solid years ever as our Auditors will report at the AGM.

  • FACT: Last summer our Visual Arts Camp, “Scribbles & Brushstrokes” showed a net profit of more than $5,000 but more importantly, many youth experienced wonderful adventures in the downtown galleries, museums and tattoo parlours that served up visual arts on a unique platter.

  • FACT: The Ontario Arts Council has stated that they support the Capitol Centre and its current format and are pleased with the way in which plans are progressing.

  • FACT: The collaboration between the theatre and gallery has increased exponentially and it is wonderful way to ensure that supporters of each are aware of the crossover whether it’s a dialogue on stage or art submissions gracing the walls. The public art gallery is a very busy place showcasing professional artists and local amateurs due to the diligence of so many.

  • FACT: The permanent collection with a value in excess of $330,000 has been showcased numerous times over the past year. This collection is contains purchased and donated works of art that are available for the world to see and we have found many opportunities either as main exhibits or interim exhibits to showcase these works of art.

  • FACT: The Gallery Gift Shop has not been profitable for some time and although given numerous windows to alter, has fallen short for a number of reasons. With its departure, a new heritage arm has been developed providing an additional revenue stream and some funders have already expressed interest in this new development. We know that this museum will increase traffic and benefit the gallery with higher number of visitors. Watch for its opening soon!

Adrian says any motion to change needs to be brought forward at the AGM and must be put in front of the membership at least one month ahead otherwise the motions will not be accepted.

“Members should not have to deal with new plans or thoughts without having the time to really think about things as any change can make a difference.”

She says like a corporation the Capitol Centre is accountable to its shareholders, that being members in good standing, and that those members must be alerted one month in advance of proposed changes in order to prepare any and all suggested changes at a business meeting annually in March.

“The AGM or annual general meeting is an opportunity to report on the organization’s activities over the past year,” she notes.
“Of great importance is the financial picture and the audited financial statements for 2013 ending Dec. 31, which will be presented at the AGM on March 26 at 7 p.m. in the Betty Speers Theatre.”
Adrian also notes that for the past two months she has poured over the bylaws once again to prepare for the upcoming meeting.

“I have spent a great deal of time reading bylaws and understanding the corporations act as it relates to the North Bay Theatre & Arts Community Centre.”

“I have often thought that the legalese involved in these documents left out the ordinary people like me who struggle to understand terminology. I would never be a good candidate for the old Shakespeare style of writing as part of everyday speaking.”

“By reading all of these documents, I know there’s a depth of understanding that escapes me but I do realize how important these documents are to the functioning of an organization whether for profit or not-for-profit like the Capitol Centre.”

She says the AGM is an important opportunity for other like-minded people who are supportive of arts, culture, and entertainment and want to ensure the Capitol Centre’s success is not hampered by motions that do not reflect the mandate of the centre.

Folks who support the vision have till 5 pm today (March 25th) to buy a membership in order to vote at the AGM or send their Proxy to the Box Office.

“Your Capitol Centre is hard at work and a new season will shortly be underway and a new Gallery Officer named. So many exciting plans in the works! What your Capitol Centre needs is support from its membership and the best way to do that is to purchase a $20 “Friends” membership and be counted in.”

“You are able to attend the upcoming AGM and cast a vote in favour of the Board’s clear business plan.”

“If not able to attend the AGM, you are able to assign a Proxy to someone of your choosing or one of our Executive members. Call the Box Office for further information (705) 474-4747. It is your Capitol Centre and you need to continue to support it.”

Anyone can become a member of the Capitol Centre with a $20 donation allowing them to vote in person at the AGM or by proxy and receive a tax receipt for the amount paid.