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Take a survey to identify, address priority risks and increase safety, wellness in North Bay

'Community safety and well-being themes include, but are not limited to, mental health, addictions, education, employment, income, the local economy, poverty, homelessness, housing...'
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The City of North is seeking public feedback via its Community Safety and Well-Being Plan survey.

The community’s input is an important part of formulating a plan stakeholders hope will assist in identifying and addressing priority risks — and increase safety and wellness in North Bay.

To that end, the City of North Bay, in collaboration with its community partners, is pleased to announce the launch of the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan
(CSWBP) survey. North Bay’s CSWBP is designed to be a coordinated effort to foster a safe, healthy, and inclusive community by responding to identified priority risks.

The City of North Bay says your voice matters as everyone has an interest and role to play in safety and well-being. Your survey responses will help to identify community safety and well-being risks in North Bay from your perspective.

For reference, community safety and well-being themes include (but are not limited to):

  • mental health
  • addictions
  • education
  • employment
  • income
  • the local economy
  • poverty
  • homelessness
  • housing
  • family violence
  • discrimination
  • victimization
  • the built environment

The survey is anonymous and neither you nor your individual answers will be identifiable in any way in the published reports or findings.

The feedback from the survey will serve as an essential tool in developing recommendations and strategies to address these risks. The survey responses will further help to better understand community views surrounding inclusivity, health, and security while also revealing any gaps or duplications in the service system and opportunities for coordinating and aligning resources.

The plan — which is required under the Police Services Act — provides goals and guidelines for individual municipalities, developed through an analysis of needs and concerns and how to best address these to improve safety and well-being in Ontario’s municipalities.

The survey is open to people living and/or working in North Bay and can be found on the City’s website and will be open until May 14. For more information on the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan and to access the survey, click here