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Summer in the Park no picnic. Racks up huge loss

A staff report to council indicates a deficit of $247,187
20180804 summer in the park cd
Summer in the Park 2018. Chris Dawson/BayToday

The numbers are finally public, and they are big.

A staff report to council indicates a deficit of $247,187. Add to that the council grant of $80,000 and taxpayers are on the hook for $327,187 to pay for this year's event. City Council had made a three-year financial commitment and this was the final year.

"Based from online sales 49.79% of concert goers were from out-of-town," states the 15 page report. "A total of 1,204 tickets (577 for Friday and 627 for Saturday) were sold this year. With the inclusion of promotional and sponsor tickets the total number of people attending the concerts was 1,845 (896 for Friday and 949 Saturday).  The committee feels the cause of the decrease in sales was because the public didn’t support the idea of moving the concerts inside and having two separate tickets versus a weekend wristband. 

"Financially, the event ended 2018 with a $247,187 deficit. The deficit was entirely a result of the concerts."

That means it actually cost the city $205 per concert-goer. 

SITP generated $316,145 in revenue and incurred $563,333 in expenses. The financial results include the City’s $80,000 financial contribution.

Read the entire report here.

Revenue Highlights

The following is a summary of the revenues from the event:

Sponsorship (Includes Spring Midway)           $61,185

City Contribution                                              $80,000

Vendor/Revenue Concessions                        $12,206

Midway (SITP Only)                                         $43,084

Wristband Sales                                               $64,503

Celebrate Ontario (TBC)                                   $50,000

Misc. Revenue                                                    $1,061

Advertising Revenue                                              $750

Reimbursement of Expenses                              $3,356

TOTAL: $316,145

Expense Highlights

Administration                                                      $2,158

Admissions                                                           $4,110

Student Salary                                                      $8,645

Marketing                                                            $14,979

Main Stage                                                          $44,073

Evening Musical Entertainment                         $387,145

Daytime Programming                                         $21,743

Silent Dance Party                                               $24,516

Emergency Services & Security                          $18,054

Facilities                                                              $32,983

Volunteer Services                                                $1,189

Reimbursement of Expenses                                $3,738

Total: $562,333

Economic Impact

"The 2018 Summer in the Park Festival resulted in a $2.04 Million economic impact on the community.  The economic impact is calculated using the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport’s Regional Economic Impact Model.  This is the same model that is used to estimate economic spinoffs for events of this type throughout Ontario," says the report.

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