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Self isolating? Take a virtual tour of Callander's museum

You can click on the floor ahead or around you and the camera will move you forward
callander museum interior virtual tour
You can take a virtual tour of the Callander museum from the comfort of your own home. Supplied.

On these days of working from home and self-isolating it can be a challenge finding things to do.

The Callander Museum has a solution...a new virtual museum and gallery tour.

Ian Bradshaw of filmed and set up a tour similar to Google street view. You can stroll from exhibit to exhibit and check out interesting information about each one.

You will notice there are random blue dots all over the place.

"These are little text boxes that relate to different artefacts or panels where you can read about the subject more clearly," explains Natasha Wiatr, Curator.

"Some of them, like in the Dionne quintuplet room or the logging room, have had videos embedded in these little blue tags. The blurb in the art gallery shows a slideshow video of the current North Bay Art Association show. The artwork in the gallery is from Jack Lockhart's show from the summer when this was filmed."

There are a few ways to walk through it.

  • You can click on the floor ahead or around you and the camera will move you forward. If you're on your computer you can use your mouse to scroll/zoom in more on the walls or artefacts. You can also click and drag your mouse around to look all around.
  • At the bottom right are a few symbols. The first one, a 3D shape, puts the building in a dollhouse view where you can rotate around a 3D version of the building. If you click on any room it will take you directly to that room. The one next to it gives a 2D version of the museum and gallery and the third symbol allows you to change floors. If you wander through the museum and make it to the steps, you can click on the steps to virtually walk upstairs as well.

Wiatr says some of the exhibits have already changed around a bit since this was filmed in the summer, "So we hope you will still come and visit us in person once the world returns to normal."

If you enjoyed this virtual tour and support the role that the art gallery and museum plays in our community and area, you might consider becoming a member.

You can find more details here.

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