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School board chair says teachers won't lose jobs

Union president 'created a great deal of unnecessary fear and anxiety with his members'
20180724 jay aspin
Jay Aspin. Submitted.

Near North School Board chair Jay Aspin says he wants to set the record straight.

"Based on the government’s assurance as well as the assurance from our own MPP Vic Fedeli, Minister of Finance, at this time as Chair, I am optimistic that most, and I would venture to say at this point ALL of our teachers will not lose their jobs."

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Aspin, in an email, said the release of the redundancy numbers is a ritual school boards go through every year.

According to the collective agreements, the Board must notify the unions, ETFP and OSSTF by April 15, redundant teaching positions.

"These are not layoffs," insists Aspin.

"The process dictates that we then have to await the government's release of the GSN (Grants for Student Needs),  which is essentially our funding. The administration then determines the budget and staff allocations for the year ahead. When this complete analysis is completed,  notifications to staff are provided indicating the exact staffing allocation according to the process and procedures contained in our collective agreements."

Aspin says he's willing to take the government at its word, that not one teacher will lose their job for the coming year.

"We will hold them accountable," he said.

He's also looking for letters of apology from the union leaders.

"It’s unfortunate the leader of the union for OSSTF has taken such a radical approach to the process this year. This has created a great deal of unnecessary fear and anxiety with his members.

"If I am proven right within the next couple of months, I think letters of apologies to our teachers from the Union President may well be a nice gesture to atone for the unnecessary anxiety he has created for our dedicated secondary teachers."

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