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Rural municipalities turning their back on Cassellholme Board

'I find that whole process really, really disappointing that they wouldn't send someone to represent them. That's really sad'
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Cassellholme. Jeff Turl/BayToday

The Cassellholme Board of Management is having trouble attracting local town council participation at a crucial time in its redevelopment.

There were three positions open, until North Bay appointed councillor Dave Mendicino Tuesday.

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Calvin Twp was offered a seat at the table but declined to fill it. South Algonquin has also declined. The Board will now ask Papineau Cameron, the third municipality in that cluster if it will send a representative next.

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East Ferris has postponed selecting a new representative after the resignation of Councillor Terry Kelly.

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Kelly's resignation came on the heels of resignations by North Bay councillor Tanya Vrebosch and mayor Al McDonald and more recently Dean Backer of Mattawa. Bill Vrebosch replaced McDonald on the Board but has also since resigned. He's been replaced by Mendicino.

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The Board decided not to wait for East Ferris to act.

"I think it's unfair to the other municipalities they represent that they don't have a representative," Jamie Lowery, Chief Executive Officer told Board members. "I would strongly suggest we move on to the next municipality."

Mark King was blunt in his assessment.

"These communities outside the city of North Bay should really be representing their best interest and they should be here making a point about where they stand on particular items. I find that whole process really, really disappointing that they wouldn't send someone to represent them. That's really sad." 

Bonfield and Mayor Randy McLaren is supportive of moving forward without further delay.

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