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Rota tells story behind Trudeau doing the "plank"

Justin said very quickly 'I can do that'.
rota, anthony and trudeau, justin doing plank 2016
MP Anthony Rota looks on while Justin Trudeau does "The Plank" before a caucus meeting. Photo courtesy Greg Kolz.

You might have seen that photo that has gone viral on the Internet about Justin Trudeau "planking" while MP Anthony Rota looks on with a big smile. It took place before a meeting in the Official Opposition room on Parliament Hill when Trudeau was just a regular MP.

Here's the back story.

"It was an interesting situation," Rota told BayToday.

"What happened is we were just preparing for the national caucus. Caucus hadn't shown up yet, they were in the process of starting to file in and Justin came in and of course I was in front being the caucus chair.

"We had about 150 back then in 2011 and what happened is the discussion got around to planking. This was the rage, and Justin said very quickly 'I can do that'

and there he was planking on my table.

"Somebody took a picture and it's in his (Trudeau's) book on page 183. It's gone viral and gone around the world."

There is also a picture of Pierre Trudeau in a similar pose and some have suggested Justin was mimicking his Dad, but Rota says that's not the case.

"That's not the conversation that I recall. It was just the fact that he was able to do it. I was very impressed with the fact that he could."

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