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Retro video game rebirth at Discovery Museum

'It is kind of funny to watch people learning the new-old games'

Isabelle Thomas isn’t used to hooking up a 14-inch tube television to a Nintendo video game console from the 1990’s.  

“It was kind of hard to set up because I don’t usually use this stuff,” said the 11-year-old who attends St. Luke’s.  

“It is cool because there are lots of new things about the video games,” added Thomas while playing Super Mario.  

Thomas was one of many children and teens who were "going back in time," at the Discovery Museum as part of the March Break “Game On” Retro Video Game event going on all week in downtown North Bay.   

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Naomi Hehn, the Director/Curator at Discovery North Bay Museum, says this is the third year for the event and by the traffic that came through Monday morning, it seems like another year of good retro attendance.  

“It is kind of funny to watch people learning the new-old games, because they are so used to the digital format,” noted Hehn as they have retro games on Atari, Nintendo, Sega and Intellivision consoles.   

“A lot of these games are really simple but they are really fun and addictive at the same time and we have definitely got some new generation of gamers here who are learning to enjoy those.”  

Hehn has watched gamers over the past few years at this event, and overall she believes retro games can be addicting too, especially since they are easy to play. 

“Even if people have never played before, they are playing like pros within a few minutes because they are just easy, they are fun and it is a good event for us.” 

The Game On Retro Video Game event concludes next Saturday.  


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