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Restaurant shows good will for Lancelot apartment tenants

'I figured it was a good time for us to return the favour and support them by sending over a meal'
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Photo courtesy Stu Campaigne/BayToday.

A local restaurant is proving to be a really good neighbour this week helping a neighbour in need.  

East Side Mario's recently provided around 100 meals for residents of the Lancelot Apartments located across a parking lot from the popular restaurant on Lakeshore Drive in North Bay.  

Lancelot Apartments have been in the spotlight as the centre of a recent COVID-19 variant of concern outbreak that has led to two recent deaths and put many of the residents under isolation. 

Dave Dugas, owner of East Side Mario's in North Bay, felt it was the right thing to do.  

"The poor people in that apartment building are being treated like that have the plague and it is not their fault," Dugas told BayToday.  

"It probably could have happened to any of us. The fact that they are our neighbours and we know that some of our regular guests in that building so we kind of figured they support us at a lot of times so I figured it was a good time for us to return the favour and support them by sending over a meal because we assumed that it might be one of the challenging things for them without being able to leave and they have to order-in all their groceries so we thought for us to provide one night of a free meal where they don't have to worry about what food they have on hand it would be appreciated."

Dugas says they offered all the tenants the choice of three meals which were packed, delivered to the building and taken to each room by the security staff.   

Some of the tenants showed their appreciation on social media.

“So grateful to the owners and staff of East Side Mario's North Bay for buying our whole apartment building dinner tonight," said Alicia Stergulc. 

"What a beautiful, beautiful gesture of community.  Thank you.“

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