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Reader poll: About three-quarters have relaxed COVID precautions

The vast majority have turned the page on measures, such as masking
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Many of us have I-was-there memories of when the pandemic seemed to begin, but when did it end? 

Did it end? Are we supposed to refer to it, without hesitation, in the past tense?

Or is it just a sort of manageable problem that everyone is very bored of, despite the fact that it still kills over a hundred Canadians a week? 

A reader poll last week showed that most of you seem to have turned the page on precautions like masking, which, however necessary they may have been, have certainly seemed annoying. 

The vast majority - 88 per cent - it seems, did adopt some kind of COVID-related precaution, but substantial numbers have relaxed:

Regionally, readers in small cities seem to have become more relaxed than their counterparts in the GTA, though we should caution that sample sizes aren't large. Only communities with 50 or more responses are included in the graph:


Patrick Cain

About the Author: Patrick Cain

Patrick is an online writer and editor in Toronto, focused mostly on data, FOI, maps and visualizations. He has won some awards, been a beat reporter covering digital privacy and cannabis, and started an FOI case that ended in the Supreme Court
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