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Poll: Women, older readers unenthused about a Poilievre government

Who would be happy or unhappy about a Poilievre government? An online poll last week uncovered some revealing answers
2022 04 24 Pierre Poilievre (Linda Holmes)

A week is a long time in politics, we are reminded, and it follows that with the better part of two years until the next federal election, all the federal parties and their leaders have good days, bad days and surprises to come before that happens. 

Still, polls have consistently shown the federal Conservatives ahead of the Liberals for more than a year, and, all other things being equal, they appear to be in majority territory, at least for now. 

How do you feel about the idea of Pierre Poilievre leading a majority government?

Some 1,758 of you answered that question in an online poll this week:

For simplicity's sake, I've combined the two happy categories and the two unhappy categories:

Men and women showed sharply different results:

We also see a consistent division by age:

And a fairly consistent north/south regional difference:

The partisan breakdown is fairly predictable, but some details stand out: Liberals would be measurably unhappier about a Poilievre government than Green or NDP voters.

Poilievre supporters are much more likely to back a compromise with Russia on Ukraine ...

... less likely to see cannabis legalization as a good idea ...

... more likely to favour sacrificing farmland to development ...

... and more likely to say they worry about the cost of heating their homes in winter, a question we use to track financial insecurity more generally.

Patrick Cain

About the Author: Patrick Cain

Patrick is an online writer and editor in Toronto, focused mostly on data, FOI, maps and visualizations. He has won some awards, been a beat reporter covering digital privacy and cannabis, and started an FOI case that ended in the Supreme Court
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