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Poll: Most didn't change activities because of wildfire smoke

Last week, smoke could easily be seen from the Niagara-on-the-Lake waterfront

Smoke from vast forest fires in eastern Ontario and Quebec hung murkily over much of Ontario last week.

It gave the sun an eerie halo, and the air a smell of distant campfires. 

Apart from looking at the sky and muttering uneasily about climate change, did the smoke change readers' daily activities at all? (Environment Canada only said that people might consider limiting outdoor activities if they felt symptoms like coughing and throat irritation.)

In general, no. Provincewide, only a quarter of you in an online poll this week said you'd changed your daily routine because of the smoke:


5,106 of you participated.

The regional breakdown seems to roughly show the parts of Ontario that were most affected. 

Notably, readers in Ottawa were more likely to say that the smoke affected them: the region was shrouded in a sinister orange fog

Generally, though not perfectly consistently, readers in south-central Ontario seemed more affected than those in the north: 

Patrick Cain

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