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Poll: About half aren't confident they could get quick emergency care


Readers were more or less evenly split in an online poll this week about whether they could get emergency medical care quickly if it was needed. 

"Emergency departments are in crisis now and for the foreseeable future," warned the Canadian Medical Journal this week. 

"June to August will be precarious and exhausting months for emergency care providers ... the capacity of emergency departments to provide care has been outstripped."

The last thing we need, with the stress and misery of needing emergency care in the first place, is added stress and misery of long, unpredictable waits to actually get it, but the problem is worsening in hospitals across the province. 


We wondered if smaller communities, which sometimes struggle to keep hospitals open, or keep a 24/7 emergency ward open, saw their problems as worse, but that's not consistently the case. 

5,499 of you voted in a poll this week. 


As well, there aren't consistent regional differences (bearing in mind the small sample size: communities with 40 or more responses are included). Often we see north/south differences, but not in this case. 

Having said that, Vaughan and Markham's place at the bottom of the graph may be notable; patients at Newmarket's Southlake Regional Health Centre have complained of hours-long wait times in emergency, though statistically Southlake's emerg is one of the better in the province.  


Patrick Cain

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