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Police blotter from West Nipissing

West Nipissing Police Service News Release *********** During the week of Sept. 06-12, the West Nipissing Police Service logged 187 calls for service.
West Nipissing Police Service
News Release


During the week of Sept. 06-12, the West Nipissing Police Service logged 187 calls for service. Among those were 31 Police Assistance calls, 30 9-1-1 calls, 6 Thefts, 3 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 2 Domestic Assaults, 2 Break and Enters and 2 Drug Offences.

On Sept. 06, officers were dispatched to a Dutrisac Rd residence after being informed that a couple was seen together but that the female had court ordered conditions not to associate with the male. At the end of the investigation, a 27 year old male was charged with Invitation to a Breach and a 25 year old female was charged with four (4) counts of Breach of Probation. Both were held for bail.

On Saturday, Sept. 07, the West Nipissing Police Service was called regarding a domestic disturbance at a Pilon St residence in Verner. Officers attended and were advised by the complainant that his girlfriend was arguing with him and at one time she would have thrown chairs off the deck and struck him in the chest. The 51 year old girlfriend was arrested for Assault and later released on a Promise To Appear and Undertaking with conditions not to communicate with the victim.

On Sept. 08, a 33 year old male was arrested and charged with one count of Possession of a Controlled Substance after being suspected of breaking into vehicles. A complaint was received describing a male that was attempting to enter vehicles on Church St. The police soon located this male and after being searched, 2 ½ white rectangular pills known to be Methamphetamine was found on him. He was later released on a Promise To Appear.

On Sept. 09, Public Works called the WNPS regarding their storage garage in Cache Bay which had been broken into. An officer attended and observed that the culprit(s) broke a panel from the West side overhead door and then once inside, pried the door leading to the other half of the garage. Nothing seemed disturbed or missing.

On Sept. 09, a walk in complaint was received from an individual stating that another male had chased him wanting to fight. This individual was very belligerent and intoxicated. He was subsequently arrested and charged for Public Intoxicated and lodged in the cells. He was later released once sober. The other male was never located.

On Sept. 11, police were dispatched to the corner of John and King St regarding a cyclist which had been involved in a collision with a vehicle. Officers attended the scene and were advised that the vehicle driver stopped at the Stop sign on King St and when he proceeded through the intersection struck the cyclist which was travelling West on John St. The female cyclist was charged with Disobey Stop Sign- Fail To Stop. The injuries to the cyclist were minor and did not require medical attention.

Cyclists are advised that they too have to follow the Rules of the Road because bicycles are considered vehicles and are subject the same laws that vehicle drivers have to follow meaning, among others, to stop at Stop Signs and drive on the right side of the road.