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PODCAST: Homelessness, mental health and addictions — is anything working?

Podcast topics include whether the low-barrier shelter should be located nearer to the downtown core, and, whether the proposed Homeless Hub, with a projected $2.6-million price tag, is a cure for what ails the city
Is the homelessness situation in North Bay improving?

In the Small Town Times podcast clip above, Brent Kalinowski, North Bay’s Community Safety and Well-Being planner and strategist joins Small Town Times editor Dave Dale and Between 2 Daves co-host Dave Mendicino to discuss questions that are top of mind for North Bay residents: 

For more information on the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan, click here.

In the full-length episode of the podcast, Kalinowski, a former police officer in Saskatchewan also discusses his background and role in North Bay. He said he has long believed there needs to be better community planning to deal with issues upstream before they fester into expensive and difficult-to-mend problems down the road.

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