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Petition calls for improvements in school bus warning lights

'It's going to make buses safer and more understandable for drivers'
2015 10 15 ranger, pierre brother of adam turl
Pierre Ranger, Let's Remember Adam campaign. Jeff Turl/BayToday.

Pierre Ranger, Let's Remember Adam campaign chair is calling for a change to those red lights on school buses.

Ranger has a petition with over 1,000 names that he has presented to Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli.

calling for eight lamp amber light system to be put on all school buses in ontario. School bus electronic flasher also controls stop-arms and crossing gates

"We remove four of the red lights on the roof of the school bus and replace them with amber," Ranger told CKAT. "You'll have two amber and two red in the front and two amber and two red at the back."

The amber lights come on when the bus is about to stop, warning drivers. 

"It's going to make buses safer and more understandable for drivers," explains Ranger. "Every other province has them and we're  hoping we can get the change too because it's going to make things much better.

"If we can get the eight light system and cameras on our school buses it's going to change everything. It's going to make school buses safer and it's going to deter people from running those lights and make them easier to understand so people know what to do when they approach a school bus "

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Pierre’s brother Adam was killed in February 2000 when a truck failed to stop for his school bus in Mattawa.

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