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Overdue fines dropped for kids at North Bay Library

Patrons will still be responsible for the cost of lost or damaged children’s materials
20180307 public library north bay turl childrens sign and clock
North Bay Library Children's Department will no longer charge late fees. Jeff Turl/BayToday

You won't need to pay late fines anymore when you forget to return that book your child borrowed from the North Bay Library.

Beginning tomorrow it will no longer be charging late fines for material borrowed from the Children’s Department.

"While we encourage patrons to return materials on time, there will be a grace period for patrons to return their items to the Children’s Department," says Bethany Brownlee, the Outreach and Programming Coordinator.

You will still be responsible however for the cost of lost or damaged children’s materials.

And at this time, adult materials will still be subject to fines for late returns.

Many libraries are now opting to remove overdue fines on borrowed materials.

Waiving overdue fines on library books ensures that everyone, regardless of their financial background, can access the vast resources libraries offer. Overdue fines disproportionately affect low-income individuals and families, limiting their ability to utilize library services.

By eliminating these fines, libraries create a more inclusive environment, encouraging patrons to actively engage with their collections and empowering them to explore a variety of books and materials.

Patrons no longer have to fear accumulating fines, which can deter them from using library services. This leads to increased library visits, longer borrowing periods, and a greater likelihood of returning materials on time. Removing fines also encourages borrowers to interact with librarians and seek assistance, resulting in personalized recommendations, enhanced customer service, and stronger community connections.