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OPINION: Widdifield students disappointed

'As disappointing as this is, the board had a difficult decision to make'
widdifield secondary school north bay cd 2017
Widdifield Secondary School is slated to close. Photo by Chris Dawson.

By Hannah Knight, Widdifield student, North Bay

With the decision by the school board to close Widdifield Secondary School, many of the students at Widdifield have taken to social media to voice their opinions about the event.

“Even if they move the arts program it won't be the same,” says grade 11 student, Shanice Roebuck. “Widd is a caring school that takes in everyone's differences, having the arts at a different school doesn't even seem like something anyone would love.”

Leah Dawson, grade 10 student, tweets, “It breaks my heart to know that Widdifield is the only school closing.”

“It’s awful,” shares Amelia Ayers, “I know so many kids that couldn't wait to attend Widdifield and now they can’t. I’m so upset that this is happening.”

Although the majority of students are upset about the news, a few students are trying to make the best of the situation. Abby Kettner, the student body president of Widdifield, had something positive to share over Facebook,

“As disappointing as this is, the board had a difficult decision to make and one of the schools had to close. There are various reasons why Widdifield was the one chosen to be closed. However, the Wildcat spirit is not in the bricks of the building. It is in our amazing students and our staff and it will continue to live on in a new school. Chippewa will be rebranded as a new school with a new culture and spirit that some of our students will get to be a part of. All the programs and wonderful things Widdifield offers will be available at the new school.”

Board officials have been concerned about the Widdifield location as it is limited in expansion room with an escarpment with homes directly to its north, residential housing located on the west and south side of the school and a graveyard to the east adjacent to the football field.

The school board has still not given any details pertaining to the timeline for when the school will close, leaving many students and faculty still in the dark.