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ONR railway snow removal video goes viral (VIDEO)

'The snow clearing ensures goods are shipped across the province safely, reliably and on-time'
Photo courtesy Ontario Northland.

A unique video showing the challenges of keeping rail lines clear of snow has gone viral. 

The Ontario Northland video, which was released in late 2022 has now had more than 2.2 million views.  

Rebecca McGlynn, Director of Marketing and Communications at Ontario Northland, says snow removal is a crucial component of our freight operations during the winter months.

"The snow clearing ensures goods are shipped across the province safely, reliably and on-time," said McGlynn.

"Ontario Northland is well-versed in track maintenance and infrastructure, in order to ensure lines are clear we focus on remaining vigilant and responsive with unpredictable winter weather."

The video features snow fighter-type equipment which the ONR uses on a regular basis.

"The snowplow shown in the video is only used a few times per year, after a major weather event or if there is a high volume of snow during a storm," she said.  

"The video helps demonstrate the great work of our dedicated employees, who put in countless hours to ensure our services are safe and reliable. We are happy to see so many people applauding the great work of our team and taking interest in the unique but vital railway we run, here in northeastern Ontario."

McGlynn adds video also shows a crucial aspect of their work and helps demonstrate the importance of rail in northeastern Ontario.

"Our freight services are a reliable way for businesses and communities to ship goods, across large geographic territories in weather that ranges from extremely cold in the winter as well as hot temperatures in the summer," she stated.  

"We are able to keep supply chains resilient and provide stability for communities because we take pride in maintaining the tracks, and investing in rail infrastructure that ensures we run a modern, future-ready transportation system."

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