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One Red Maple donating to Santa Fund through its app

'Shopping local supports local business'
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One Red Maple raising funds for the Santa Fund.

A local startup company is hoping to use technology to support the local economy and raise money for the Santa Fund with just one little click. 

One Red Maple, located in downtown North Bay, will donate $1 to The Santa Fund for every download of their web extension or mobile application, from now until the end of 2022.

“It’s all about fostering a circular economy,” begins Mark Sherry, CEO of One Red Maple,

“Shopping local supports local business. Local businesses can then turn around and support the community – through charity, volunteer work, jobs and taxes. It’s a circular relationship and the foundation of strong communities.”

One Red Maple is a startup located in North Bay. Its mission is to redistribute sales from large corporate brands to locally owned retailers.

Red Maple offers a digital, user-friendly platform that redirects online shoppers out of the carts of Big Retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, and onto the websites and into the stores of locally owned retail.

One Red Maple officials say their business helps consumers keep more money in their local economy, whether for holiday gift-giving or year-round shopping needs.

According to a 2019 report from Civic Economics and LOCO BC, when consumers shop at local independent retailers, up to 63 per cent of every dollar is reinvested back into that city’s economy – 4x more than a Big Retail, which contributes approximately 14%. Consequently, supporting the local market creates a sustainable demand for jobs and growth within the community and minimizes the impact of shipping products from hundreds of miles away.

"When you shop at Walmart or Amazon, or any big brands and multinationals, it breaks the virtuous cycle. Suddenly that money leaves the community, and that can create a cascade of base problems for the local economy and ecosystem.”

This fall, One Red Maple expanded their initiative from North Bay, ON, into the Sudbury and Kingston marketplaces. Despite their growth, however, their focus on community remains unchanged.

“Think about the little things, like sponsoring your kid’s hockey team,” reinforces Sherry.

“I’ve personally never seen The Amazon Packers play a game at the INVISTA Centre.”

The holiday season is an important time of year for independent retailers.

To download the Red Maple app click HERE 

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