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North Bay police move Callander resources back home

‘That actually gives us 12 additional hours of patrol we can focus in North Bay’
2022 01 17 Scott Tod
North Bay Police Chief Scott Tod. Photo by Chris Dawson/BayToday.

The North Bay Police Service will be re-dedicating its Callander policing shifts back into North Bay. 

"I thank the board for making the decision to rededicate the resources from the Callander contract back to the city with 12 additional hours of patrol per day that we can start to address some of the issues identified," said Tod.  

The news came after the Service unveiled a crime survey that Oracle Polls conducted in August of 2021 in North Bay. 

The idea of shifting the resources back to North Bay came back in December when Callander and the North Bay Police Service's long policing relationship came to a close. 

Back in September of 2021, the North Bay Police Board announced it was not renewing the Service's policing agreement with the community of Callander. 

"It was made in early December when the board was advised that the municipality of North Bay had not agreed to provide a contract to the municipality of Callander and at that time the board had a decision to make in regards to the expenses associated to the Callander contract which was three officers within our service and the 12 hours a day we provided mandatory patrol within the town of Callander," explained the Chief.  

"The board had a decision to make, do we eliminate those expenses, in other words, do we eliminate our staff by three, or do we absorb that back into our police service which we did.

"That actually gives us 12 additional hours of patrol that we can focus in North Bay and look at some of the issues from the survey." 

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