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Near perfect snowmobile season coming to an end

'It most definitely has been a 10 out of 10 season this year'
North Bay snowmobile club sled pic
Photo courtesy North Bay Snowmobile Club.

There was one group of winter enthusiasts that did not complain about the snow and cold this winter. That would be snowmobilers.    

Shawn Flindall,  director of marketing and communications with the North Bay Snowmobile Club, says this may be one of the longest snowmobile seasons in a long time and could stretch as long as 13 weeks this year.   

“It most definitely has been a 10 out of 10 season this year,” admitted Flindall.    

“I know that lots of people are sick of winter and sick of snow but from a snowmobiling perspective, it could not have been better. We have been blessed with cold temperatures, consistent heavy snowfall and that has allowed us to keep trails in perfectly groomed shape the whole season with no trail closures all season. It has been a fantastic snowmobiling season for sure.”  

Flindall says this season has been a boon for snowmobile related businesses in the area.  

Snowmobilers spend hundreds of dollars a day between lodging, fuel, food, and parts,” said Flindall.  

“So with the local trail network the way it has been all season it has been a real economic boost to so many businesses in the whole region. “  

But all good things to come to an end.  Flindall says, unfortunately, those ideal conditions are diminishing.   

“It is spring runoff time, we have had some significant rainfall in the last 24 hours and that means that water is running everywhere and streams and creeks are overflowing,” explained Flindall

“From a trail perspective there are going to be some trail limitations and trail closures just because of water on the trails and the lakes are a mess with slush now. When it starts to go, it goes really quickly.

Flindall says sledders should check conditions and maps before going out this time of year.  He also suggests you always go out with a friend because the chances of getting stuck in slushy snow is much higher this time of year.  

“Although we are expecting some colder temperatures on the weekend will firm things up again that does not mean that we don’t need to use real caution when we are out there this year, because things fall apart quickly,” noted Flindall.


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