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Lots of prep work done to get local snowmobile trails ready

'It is kind of hard thing for people to wrap their heads around but the offseason is a very busy season for all of our local clubs'
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Winter seems to have arrived, so that means the snowmobile season is just around the corner in our region. 

Shawn Flindall, the communications director with the North Bay Snowmobile Club says many of the local clubs have had to put in a lot of work in the off-season to prepare for the new snowmobile season. 

"It's kind of hard thing for people to wrap their heads around but the off-season is a very busy season for all of our local clubs," said Flindall.

"We've been really busy with funding applications and permit applications and all of our trails have to be cleared because there were a lot of wind storms through the summer so there's trees down all over the place.

"We've got bridges that need to be redone, and some bridges that need to be replaced. That all involves a lot of money and a lot of permits and a lot of volunteer hours. So a lot is going on behind the scenes. Everybody's pretty excited for a great upcoming season."

Flindall notes that sledders will need to be aware of some trail reroutes. 

"There's going to be some logging in different areas and we're doing a lot of work behind the scenes to iron all of these things out before the season gets underway," he said.

"So as we get closer I would suggest that everybody just keep an eye on each Club's Facebook page, and for all those notices because there are going to be quite a few changes throughout the trail system this year. As there are every year, we always have to deal with, whether it's beaver ponds or loggers or our trail reroutes. We always have to deal with different changes every year."

On the bright side, Flindall notes that the local snowmobile business is buzzing. 

"Last year through COVID, we got a lot more ridership and a lot more interest in staying home and doing things locally," explained Flindall.

"So sled sales have gone through the roof and permit sales have gone through the roof and it's great to see lots of people on the trail so that puts a lot more motivation and onus on the local clubs to do our thing and put down really great tracks and keep them in great shape through the winter because, you know we're all passionate about that and it's what we love doing so when people are actually using it coming from all over the province to check out our trail system puts a lot of motivation or our laps for sure."

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