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'Let’s Remember Adam' Texas Washer Tournament returns

'We are still advocating for Stop Arm Camera Safety Systems to be added to all school buses in Ontario'

The 5th Annual Let’s Remember Adam Texas Washer Tournament will occur on Saturday, June 22, at the Mattawa Royal Canadian Legion.

The Let's Remember Adam campaign is a school bus safety initiative that was established a few years after the tragic death of Adam Ranger who was hit and killed while crossing the road in front of his family home after leaving his the school bus.

The incident occurred on February 11, 2000, on a sunny and clear day. The school bus had its stop arm out and its red overhead lights activated, but the truck driver that hit Adam failed to stop. One of Adam’s brothers watched everything happen from a few feet away.

In 2004, the Let’s Remember Adam campaign was launched to remind drivers of the importance of stopping for school buses.

"Since then, we have focused on making school buses in Ontario safer by adding the Amber Red Eight Lamp Safety Systems to all school buses in Ontario, and we are still advocating for Stop Arm Camera Safety Systems to be added to all school buses in Ontario," says organizer and Adam's brother Pierre. "We continue to educate people about school bus safety and the consequences of not stopping for a school bus."

Money raised funds awareness and promotional items, such as billboards, arena rink boards, bumper decals, community events, and social media presence. The campaign relies on fundraising and support from community partners and businesses.

The Annual Let’s Remember Adam Charity Washer Tournament & Prize Lot Raffle is being held in Mattawa on Saturday, June 22, at the Mattawa Legion. The event has grown bigger every year.

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This prize lot raffle was a significant part of the event last year and received overwhelming support from the players and the public. The raffle is open to everyone.