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Last-minute deal averts Boart Longyear strike

A final offer was soundly rejected 15 minutes before the strike deadline — leading to further discussions — and the eventual agreement
2020 09 25 Boart Longyear (1)
Production will continue after an agreement was reached between 120 Boart Longyear employees and the mining company.

Labour peace has been reached between Boart Longyear and 120 local employees who manufacture drilling equipment for the international mining industry.

The contentious negotiations included a 99 per cent strike mandate by the 120 members of the International Association of Machinists (IAM) Local Lodge 2412 members after the union says it received some 25 pages of concessionary demands.

“The employer tabled a final offer with 15 minutes left before the strike deadline and the members rejected that offer soundly. As a result of the members' united stance, further discussions happened and as a result of those discussions we reached an agreement,” said Ralph Martin, Grand Lodge representative.

The members then adopted that new agreement by way of a vote with 90 per cent approval.

Highlights of the agreement include nearly 13 per cent in general wage increases over the next 39 months and retroactive wage increases back to May 2021. The workers will receive increases in work boot allowance, shift premiums, dental, 24/7 shift premiums, and additional money will go into an employee RRSP. 

A request for comment from Boart Longyear was not returned by publication time.