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Jerry O’Connell gets another parking ticket, oh, and the key to the city (PHOTOS)

'I thought the mayor wanted me to tell some jokes and I had some really good material'

Jerry O’Connell was invited to a city staff barbecue at Lee Park this afternoon.   

The movie star who has called North Bay home for the past few months during the filming of the TV series "Carter" thought the only reason he was invited was to do a standup routine, but instead, the city presented him with a framed key to the city.  However, also included in that frame was a parking ticket Jerry received during his early days filming in North Bay.  

When the colorful actor received the frame from Mayor Al McDonald, he almost speechless.  

“I thought the mayor wanted me to tell some jokes and I had some really good material, like something on the Lakeshore Bridge Project, I had some really funny ones but really it was emotional I came close to crying but held it together because I’m a big boy, this is really special, it really is,” said O’Connell.  

Mayor Al says it is the first key he has handed out in his seven years as Mayor and is circa 1925. "Not sure if key opened the front door of old city hall or the jail cell below council chambers in 1925," he tweeted.

“He truly has made a difference for our community just the atmosphere here in our city but he has promoted us in all the major markets in New York and LA, right across the States and Canada and he is an international star,” said McDonald.  

“It is one way for us to recognize him and say thank you because he truly believes in North Bay, he talks about us in a very positive light. A key to the city is very symbolic and it is a nice gesture from the city of North Bay to say thank you for all you are doing for our citizens.”  

O’Connell has been all over the city in the past few months, taking part in celebrity wrestling, singing karaoke and stopping for anyone and everyone who wants a selfie with him.   

The series is expected to complete its filming in North Bay at the end of October, but Jerry says he will never forget this place.  

“It is just such a special place, it is an honour to get this, it is an honour to be part of early on in the film industry here, there is going to be nothing but great things,” said O’Connell. 

“Soon you guys are going to be complaining that there is too much filming here that is how easy and fun and friendly and great it is to film here.”   

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