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High school to host all-candidates event

This all-candidates meeting is the first step in engaging the students in important civic issues.
Chippewa vot 1

Another all-candidates meeting is on tap, but this time for students and their teachers only.

Chippewa Secondary School Canadian and World Studies teacher Mike Brisson says next Thursday the school will host all four candidates representing the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, and Green Party.

All are confirmed, says Brisson.

The meeting will begin shortly after 1p.m.

Here's the format.

a) Introduction — A moderator will welcome the audience, introduce the candidates and detail the structure of the meeting (3 minutes).

b) Opening statements — Brief introductory statement.s from the candidates (2 minutes each).

c) Planned Questions — Ask pre-determined questions to the candidates (20-30 minutes).

d) Open Questions — Give the audience an opportunity to ask final questions to specific candidates (10-15 minutes).

e) Closing statements — Final words from the candidates (1-2 minutes each).

f) Thank you — Plan a formal thank you from designated students (2 minutes).

"This all-candidates meeting is the first step in engaging our students in important civic issues and will continue next week when many of our students will fill a ballot and cast their vote in the student vote program," said Brisson.

Student Vote is a parallel election for students under the voting age, coinciding with federal, provincial, and municipal elections. 

"The purpose is to provide young Canadians with an opportunity to experience the voting process firsthand and build the habits of informed and engaged citizenship. In the last federal election, 563,000 students cast ballots from 3,750 schools. This year, over 700,000 student voters are expected,"says a news release.

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