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Great Grapes! Davedi Club's set to harvest this year's crop

Davedi Club's next generation set for the grape harvest. Photo provided.
Davedi Club's next generation set for the grape harvest. Photo provided.

Davedi Club
News Release


Once again the Davedi Club’s Grape Stomping Festival is set to continue the annual tradition that has been one of the most popular events in the community. For the past 12 years young and old have attended the sold out event that has seen club members, local celebrities, political hopefuls and even a wedding party toss off their socks and release some pent up frustration by crushing grapes between their toes.

Grape stomping is an Italian tradition that some believe may date back as far as 200 BC in ancient Rome. The harvesting of grapes became an annual event that demonstrated the closeness of family and community. It also demonstrates the pride in making the wine and sharing the work.

The local festival had started out with mostly Italian Club members, but over the years the Club’s role in the community has grown and now is happy to welcome guests from all over the area. Nowadays, it is very common to see various cultures represented including French, English, Scottish, Greek, Portuguese, and German North Bayites coming out to enjoy this annual Davedi Club events.
This year’s event will include one of Davedi’s famous buffet dinners, a traditional grape festival dance presentation, and the opportunity for guests to stomp grapes themselves. The resulting juice is raffled off and a night of dancing ensues.

With Grape Stomping Festival soon approaching on this Saturday, October 13th, remaining tickets can be purchased by calling the Club at 313 Airport Road. For more information, call 705-474-4190.