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Golf tournament raised big money for Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit

'I am passionate about babies and their families and ensuring they have access to the best possible care, close to home'
20190710 farquhar tourney
Ryan Farquhar, Tammy Morison, Marg Hughes- NBRHC Foundation Trustee, Dennis Murphy. Photo submitted.

The 7th Annual Farquhar Chrysler Charity Golf Tournament raised some big-time money recently. 

The tourney hit an all-time high of $43,150 this year, for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the North Bay Regional Health Centre (NBRHC).

This year’s proceeds will fully fund the cost of a Giraffe isolette for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The Giraffe is described as an exceptional all-in-one neonatal care station. It is a full-featured incubator and a radiant warmer, that helps reduce the stress on our neonates.

“NBRHC currently has two Giraffe stations in the NICU. With a high prevalence of multiple and premature births in our region, a third unit costs $85,000 and is needed to meet the needs of these delicate infants,” said Kim Carter, Manager, Women & Children.

“If both Giraffes are in use, mother and baby(ies) must be referred to other primary care centres in Sudbury, Ottawa or Toronto.”

This year, the tournament doubled its impact through a matching gift from a generous, anonymous, community donor, so that the Giraffe will be fully funded and purchased as soon as possible.

“I am passionate about babies and their families and ensuring they have access to the best possible care, close to home,” the anonymous donor shared.

Dennis Murphy, his wife Elizabeth and their daughter Caitlyn have a personal reason for organizing the tournament each year.

“The hospital was there for us when Caitlyn was a baby and our experience at that time inspired us to give back to the NICU, a local cause that is important to us,” said Murphy.

“We thank the individuals and businesses in North Bay that support us every year, and we are incredibly grateful to our ‘quiet donor’ who further inspired us and our supporters to strive toward this aggressive target so we can continue our ongoing support of children and babies.”

Justin Forget, tournament participant shared his experience.

“After a complicated pregnancy, our daughter Payton Grace was born a month early, weighing 3.14 pounds,” he said.

“She was immediately admitted into the NICU where she received breathing support with a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine, helping her lungs develop, an IV to give her medicine and hydrate her, and a feeding tube. She spent three and a half weeks in the NICU where she was taken care of by some of the best nurses I have ever met,” he added.

Farquhar Chrysler Owner and Dealer Principal, Ryan Farquhar believes they understand the importance of our hospital and funding medical equipment, which is not paid for by the province.

“At some point we all will need our hospital. Since our new hospital opened in 2011, over 1,933 babies have been helped during their most critical time of need. The NICU is a high-risk referral centre for areas surrounding North Bay providing care to our hospital’s tiniest patients,” said Farquhar.

“Dennis Murphy, his family and the Farquhar Chrysler Family make this golf tournament a success every year. Their passion and dedication inspired the donor’s matching gift and year after year, his loyal sponsors and participants come out in full force to support our tiny patients and their families,” stated Tammy Morison, President and CEO, NBRHC Foundation.