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Frontier College offering free online tutoring programs for children

Many tutors are university students, so the program length is based on their exam schedules
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Frontier College in North Bay says we it is offering two programs online, one to one tutoring for learners in Grades 1-8, or Virtual Reading Buddies program, a group literacy program where kids still get some individualized reading time with a tutor each week over seven weeks.

"Traditionally, our volunteer tutors work with students at partner schools right in North Bay, or learners register for our evening programs at the North Bay Public Library," says Natalie Wilson, Community Coordinator for North Bay

"This year, however, as we are unable to offer in-person programs."

The programs generally run from October to April each year, taking a break over December. Many tutors are university students, so the program length is based on their exam schedules. The Reading Buddies program is set to start on October 21 and will run for seven weeks, finishing in early December.  A similar math based program may run in January or February.

"All of our tutors are fully screened and trained prior to placement, and we encourage them to use the interests and motivations of the individual learner to design sessions that move that the learner's pace," explains Wilson. "There are no benchmarks or prescribed lessons that the tutors follow. This is the first time we have accepted registrations from parents instead of partner schools or agencies."

Parents select what program they feel their child would be interested in, and can opt to virtually attend each weekly session with their child if they choose. All registration requests are followed up by phone.

If a parent would like to register their child, there is an online registration form to complete.

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