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Police issuing tickets for drinking while boating

'Just because the boat isn't underway, doesn't make consuming alcohol ok!'

A good reminder, now that boating season has arrived, is that drinking alcohol or taking drugs may land you a hefty ticket.

The OPP Marine patrol's PCs Phil Young and Jeff Timmermans were on Kecil Lake, near Espanola over the weekend.

"Just because the boat isn't underway, doesn't make consuming alcohol ok! Open liquor seized and vessel operator charged." tweeted the pair after ticketing a vessel.

In Ontario, if your boat is equipped with a permanent toilet, cooking facilities, and sleeping facilities, boat passengers may legally consume alcohol. However, the boat must be anchored or docked.

It is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada to operate a boat if you’re impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Penalties for people who operate a boat under the influence are the same as those for a person who drinks and drives.

Check out fines and penalties here.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, members of the West Parry Sound Marine Unit were patrolling Clear Lake in Seguin Township. Officers were looking for alcohol and drug-related infractions as well as safety equipment such as personal floatation devices and emergency kits.    

Two people were charged with failing to have PFD's in their vessel.