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Downtown Waterfront Master Plan to guide use over the next 25 years

Hillier says it's about giving a general direction to head in over the long-term
waterfront north bay 2017
North Bay waterfront.

A council committee has given approval to a recommendation that the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan be generally used as a long-term visionary document. 

Planning and Building Services Manager Beverly Hillier told Council this week a downtown investment advisory committee that formed this past June recommended that a key priority would be the master plan being approved as a high-level guiding document.

"With the full understanding that each one of the pieces of the plan would need to come forward to council for further review, implementation, really just using it for a long-term planning tool, long-term capital planning over the next 25 years," she told the special committee meeting of council.

Hillier says it's about giving a general direction to head in over the long-term.

"It doesn't mean that things won't change and it doesn't mean that different pieces may not be added or taken away over the long-term, as well," she said.

Full council support is still needed. 

The guiding principles of the plan include:

  • Celebrate North Bay History and Indigenous Culture
  • Introduce New Year-Round Destinations
  • Support a Mixed-Use Downtown
  • Focus Design on Environmentally Sustainable Buildings, Parks and Streetscapes
  • Encourage Diversity in Building Design and Form
  • Create a Connected Downtown Circulation Network
  • Follow an Economically Feasible Approach to Implement the Vision