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Deadline to accept nominations for Nipissing First Nation election is today

NFN members have nominated 10 people for Chief and 38 for Council
2021 05 28 NFN Logo (Facebook)
Candidate nominations are in ahead of Nipissing First Nation's July election.

The nominations are in for NFN Chief and seven Council positions following a May 21 meeting in advance of the upcoming Nipissing First Nation election.

The candidates listed below were nominated by at least two NFN members and will have until Friday, May 28, to accept or decline their nomination.

The Electoral Officer will report which candidates have accepted their nomination to run for the position of Chief or Councillor Saturday, May 29.

An advance poll will be open Saturday, July 3 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Election day is Friday, July 9, with polls open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. for 2,467 eligible voters to cast ballots in-person, by mail or online.

According to the Nipissing First Nation Electoral Officer’s Nomination Meeting Report 2021, the nominated candidates (* denotes incumbent) are:

Chief (1)

  • Robert Commanda 
  • George Couchie
  • Corey Goulais
  • Susanne Goulais-Deering
  • Darlene Gingras
  • Thomas Lambert
  • Scott McLeod*
  • David Miner
  • Mike Penasse
  • Jeff Stewart 

Council (7)

  • Blair Beaucage
  • Jesse L Beaucage
  • Peter Beaucage
  • Amanda Bellefeuille
  • Yvette Bellefeuille
  • Ruth Charlesbois
  • Elaine Commanda
  • Jane Commanda*
  • June Commanda*
  • Lorraine (Girly) Commanda
  • Robert Commanda
  • Rodney Commanda
  • Susan Commanda
  • Tyeler Commanda
  • William Commanda
  • Brian Couchie*
  • Rhonda Couchie
  • Suzanne Deering-Goulais
  • Kile George
  • Esther Gilbank
  • Corey Goulais*
  • Denis Goulais Jr.
  • Priscilla Goulais
  • Natasha Lariviere
  • Joan McLeod
  • Joe McLeod
  • Karen Miller Pitman
  • Louise Penasse
  • Philip Penasse
  • Ron Penasse
  • Savannah Penasse
  • Mary Joanne Picard
  • Mike Sawyer*
  • Daniel Stevens
  • Eric (Rick) Stevens*
  • Jesse Stevens
  • Samantha Stevens
  • John Stewart

In order to be an eligible candidate for Chief or Council the person nominated must be:

  • an “eligible voter” as defined in the Nipissing First Nation Custom Election Regulations;
  • must reside within a 100-kilometre radius of Nipissing First Nation Administration office located in Garden Village;
  • must take a leave of absence from his/her employment effective from the date of acceptance of nomination until the results of the election have been finalized, if employed by Nipissing First Nation.