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Councillor Mike Anthony seeks re-election

'I never forget that I work for you, the public, not city hall'
20180613 mike anthony
Mike Anthony. Supplied.

North Bay councillor Mike Anthony kicked off his re-election campaign today with a new website

Anthony says his campaign is built around a "wide-ranging 10-point platform." 

 “I’m not here to raise your taxes of slash your services," he said in a news release. "I am here to unlock the power of the private sector, to push for sustainable costs while doing it, and to support small business. I want to help create the climate that helps create the jobs - and the affordability - so that you, your sons and daughters, and the next generation can prosper here in North Bay.” 

“I still have the passion to serve, and believe in our community, and I’ll gladly serve again. There’s no greater privilege I can think of. I’m approachable, and always willing to listen. If I can help a citizen with an issue I will. I try to return calls and emails within 24 hours whenever possible, because good customer service is so important” he adds.

Anthony lists five accomplishments from this past term:

  • Leading the charge to get council meetings streamed online for greater accountability.

  • Leading a personal crusade against illegal dumping across the community and getting many dumping areas cleaned up. There’s still a problem, but we can continue to tackle it. 

  • Repeatedly pushing the province to address high energy and gasoline costs in the North - and finally, our efforts contributed to results! The main provincial parties - including the winning PC party - all had solid platforms planks on either gasoline costs, hydro costs, or both.

  • Fighting to get transparency related to taxpayers funds used in the Community Improvement Plans to assist local businesses. The program is good but needs to transparent and we need to see where the funds go, which is not the current policy for all projects. But it should be and I pushed for it and will continue.

  • Maintaining a fiscal first approach to spending - always keeping in mind fiscal realities and wants vs needs, as the current economic climate continues to put pressure on the shrinking middle class and those on fixed or low incomes.