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Council greenlights 2 new all-way stops

Previously two-way stop intersections, motorists and pedestrians will soon encounter new all-way stops at Massey Drive and Blair Street, as well as Mountainview Drive and Wickstead Avenue
This intersection at Massey Drive and Blair Street is one of two in North Bay that will move to an all-way stop.

North Bay motorists and pedestrians will encounter two new all-way stop intersections in their travels in the coming months, following the approval by North Bay City Council of two separate traffic proposals.

The City of North Bay's Engineering Department had recommended two local intersections, at Massey Drive and Blair Street, in West Ferris, and Mountainview Drive and Wickstead Avenue, in Birchaven, move from their current two-way stop sign configurations to an all-way stop traffic control arrangement.

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Council approved the changes during Tuesday's regular meeting and will next pass amendments to Traffic By-Law No. 2014-38 at a later meeting to officially adjust the traffic control at both intersections to all-way stops.

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Warrant analyses were undertaken at both locations, following guidelines in Book 5 of the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM).

After numerous requests to examine the Massey and Blair intersection, traffic data was collected In 2017 at the intersection to determine if all-way stop control was appropriate but it did not meet the warrants for all-way stop set-up at that time. In 2022, staff received another request to review the intersection's traffic control. Both roads are local roads in a residential neighbourhood and traffic on Massey Drive is controlled by stop signs, while traffic on Blair Street is free-flowing.

The report finds "Massey Drive has a higher volume of traffic compared with Blair Street and that the stop control should be reversed." Instead of reversing the stop signs from Massey to Blair, the recommendation for an all-way stop control is "partially warranted," and the "implementation of all-way stop control is supported by the Engineering Department."

Community feedback stemming from the temporary use of an all-way stop during the Trout Lake Road construction project in 2022 led to a traffic count and the proposal to change to an all-way stop permanently. The intersection is currently controlled by stop signs on Wickstead Avenue, while traffic on Mountainview Drive is free-flowing. Both Mountainview Drive and Wickstead Avenue are classified as collector roads.  

"All-way stop conditions can be considered at intersections where there is a high accident frequency (an average of three collisions per year over a three-year
period). Only collisions susceptible to relief through an all-way stop are to be considered. During the period reviewed, there were eight reported collisions at the
intersection that met the criteria for this warrant, so the warrant was not fully met. Based on the volume warrant being satisfied, all-way stop control is warranted
at this intersection," according to the report.

Coun. Mark King raised a concern about traffic backing up toward the ramp off of Trout Lake Road but Mayor Peter Chirico noted the traffic reportedly moved better with the all-way stop in place during the recent construction period. Both all-way stops were unanimously approved. Coun. Chris Mayne was absent.

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