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Cops issue 32 warnings to people breaking COVID-19 laws

'While charges are an option our approach in North Bay has focused on education and warnings'
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North Bay Police Service

It appears, for the most part, North Bayites are following the rules when it comes to COVID-19.

For the week of April 5 to April 11 police responded to 85 calls involving information related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This number reflects all calls ranging from:

  • information requests
  • unfounded incidents
  • people being in violation of some specifically banned action such as a gathering of more than five people
  • non-essential businesses still operating
  • using government-managed parks.

During the week 32 warnings were issued to people who were then provided with educational material.

"While charges are an option, our approach in North Bay has focused on education and warnings," says Police Chief Scott Tod. “Thus far, this approach has worked. People appear to be abiding by rules and supportive of the government’s message.

"It is essential that people continue to practice physical distancing and self-isolation.”

The North Bay Police have also identified Special Constables to proactively engage with people to educate them on what is expected during this unprecedented health crisis.

"They, as well as our officers on patrol, continue to encourage businesses and the public to voluntarily comply with all short-term restrictions and recommendations from health professionals to minimize the transmission of the COVID-19 virus," adds Tod.

The Government of Ontario issued Emergency Orders including:

  • Outdoor recreational amenities (parks) are closed
  • Sports fields and playgrounds are closed
  • Gatherings of over five people are banned
  • A 14 day mandatory quarantine after returning from outside the country
  • A provincial fire ban is in effect in Ontario
  • Designated non-essential businesses are closed

People are encouraged to use the communication centre non-emergency line 705-472-1234 to report possible violations such as reporting distancing issues or reporting someone not abiding by the self-quarantine requirement.

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