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Chris Mayne wins Wolf Lake photo contest

'Chris Mayne’s stunning photograph of a red canoe pulled up along the shoreline of Wolf Lake won the ‘Nature’ category'

Outdoor and photography enthusiast Chris Mayne has won first place in the Wolf Lake Photo Contest which attracted close to 100 entries.

Mayne is also a long-serving councillor in North Bay.

Prizes were awarded in three categories. 

"Chris Mayne’s stunning photograph of a red canoe pulled up along the shoreline of Wolf Lake won the ‘Nature’ category," said judges.

"I'm pleased to be part of the Wolf Lake Photo Contest," Mayne told BayToday. "But even more I'm pleased to be part of the conservation campaign around Wolf Lake. It's a beautiful setting that has been under recent pressure from mining interests and I strongly support the group's goal of conserving the adjacent waterways as part of the Chiniguchi waterway."

Part of its appeal, says Mayne, is that it's so close by.

"It's a nearby canoeing destination, part of the south of Temagami. It's only an hour's drive from North Bay and it's very scenic with old pine and big quartzite cliffs. It's a beautiful place to canoe through for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. The clear waters of Wolf Lake stand as a gateway to some of the most outstanding canoeing routes and scenery in northern Ontario.

"If I'm canoeing I'm taking pictures all of the time, but that was early morning with a bit of fog on the lake, just a typical morning summer scene. The lake was as calm as glass and I had my red chestnut, wood canoe, which is the one I typically take out, almost just to take pictures of it. It's a collector's type of canoe, very photogenic."

Mayne wins an Ac’teryx atom LT hoodie, valued at over $300. 

Jim Moodie won the ‘People in Nature’ category for his capture of a friend’s first experience of Wolf Lake.  

“Newfoundland native and first-time Wolf Lake visitor Alyssa Short, pictured with canine pal Joey atop a ridge lookout, was wowed enough by the scene to compare its beauty to Signal Hill and Gros Morne,” describes Moodie.  

He will receive the unique prize of a paddle hand-crafted by Franco Mariotti

Jesse Rogers won the ‘Best Photo Caption’ category for this heart-warming caption: "Couldn't ask for a more perfect location to get engaged, atop a promontory to the east of Wolf Lake, after meeting as campers of Camp Wanapitei in Temagami.

"I asked 'what do you say to doing trips like this for the rest of our lives together?' to which she replied 'of course!' "

His prize is a copy of the Spirit of the Red Pine art book, and local glass art by Lilly’s glassery, all artwork inspired by the natural beauty of Wolf Lake.  

“Thank you, we are very excited about the engagement and Wolf Lake was such a nice location to do it! Wolf Lake has been a special place for us since childhood,” responded Rogers. 

“Close to 100 beautiful photographs were submitted,".says PJ Justason, President of Friends of Temagami. "It shows how Wolf Lake is loved by so many."

"Wolf Lake is the largest known old-growth red pine forest, located north of North Bay.  As part of the Chiniguchi waterway, Wolf Lake is treasured for its popular backcountry canoe routes and recreational opportunities. People come from around the world to experience the beauty of the towering red pines, quartzite cliffs, and sparkling blue water in this critically endangered ecosystem," says a news release. 

"Increased mining exploration pressures is a concern for the many people that love Wolf Lake and value this unique and fragile ecosystem. This place and the experiences shared here are far more valuable than any minerals that might be extracted from these forests,” says photo contest entrant Bradley Kloostra

Find out more about Wolf Lake here.

And Friends of Temagami here.

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