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Canadian Hearing Society strike drags on while CEO salary jumps 75 per cent

Four employees in North Bay are affected
canadian hearing society strikers 1 turl 2017
Workers on strike against the Canadian Hearing Society were joined by members of the locked out Children's Aid Society on their picket line on King St. W. Photo by Jeff Turl.

Workers from the Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) were at Queen’s Park Tuesday as the NDP’s Social Services Critic Lisa Gretzky demanded that Premier Kathleen Wynne resolve the ongoing strike at the provincially funded Canadian Hearing Society where frontline workers have been cut, but the CEO received a 75 per cent pay hike. 

“Workers at the Canadian Hearing Society are here today, along with allies, fighting to have their work valued."

Four employees in North Bay are affected.

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“Does the premier agree that it’s time for the employer and union, through a third party, to get these issues dealt with and let these workers get back to serving a vulnerable community?" asked Gretzky. 

Gretzky said the Wynne government must take responsibility for not reining in executive salaries at the CHS, which receives more than $20 million from the province each year.

“Unfortunately, a large portion of this has gone to exorbitant wage increases for top executives—including a 75 per cent increase for the CEO in just three years,” Gretzky said. 

“All the while, front line staff, many of whom are deaf or hard of hearing themselves, haven’t had a wage increase since their contract expired four years ago.