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Are you on the voters' list for municipal elections?

Make sure you are on the list and ensure your information — residence, mailing address, spelling of name, date of birth — is accurate
2021 07 21 Hybrid Voting
For the first time, voters in this October's municipal election will have the choice of casting their vote in person or online.

Now is the time to ensure your name appears on the voters' list for the October 24 municipal elections for mayor, council, and school boards.

You can vote in the municipal election if you:

  • are a Canadian citizen;
  • are at least 18 years old;
  • reside in the local municipality, or are the owner or tenant of land in the local municipality, or the spouse of such a person; and,
  • are not prohibited from voting under any law.

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for compiling information from eligible Ontario voters to create a Preliminary List of Electors (PLE) for the municipal and school board elections.

Visit to make sure you are on the voters' list and to ensure that your information (residence, mailing address, spelling of name, date of birth) is accurate, to confirm details, and to update any information that may not be current.

According to the City of North Bay, the voting method for this year's municipal election has changed from paper ballots with tabulators to a combination of paper ballots with tabulators and internet voting. During the voting period, electors will be able to vote remotely using their own devices or in person at one of several polling stations that will be made available.

See: Voter information from the City of North Bay

For the first time, online voting will be an option for local voters and is intended to lead to less travel, remove voters' time constraints, fewer line-ups at polling stations, and allow for improved accessibility for persons with disabilities or people who are ill or away from home.