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All snowmobile trails closing Friday after record season

Sledders spent an estimated $4m+ – a huge economic impact in only a few months
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This was a record year for area snowmobilers. Jeff Turl/BayToday.

"We've had a few sad years in the past After what sledders are calling a "record 10 out of 10 season with 13 full weeks of riding and no trail closures or rain delays" the fun will end tomorrow as all trails in the region will close for the season.

That's the word from Shawn Flindall, Public Relations spokesman for the North Bay Snowmobile Club.

"We've had some sad years in the past," he told CKAT. " But this has been a great year for sure."

Flindall provided some stats from this record year:

  • Record snowfall for the area
  • A full 13 weeks (91 days) of open trails – the most in well over 10 years
  • Not a single day of trail closures due to rain
  • Record amount of trail grooming hours
  • Record amount of sled traffic in the region
  • Record amount of out-of-town touring sledders visiting our region
  • An estimated $4m+ spent locally by sledders – a huge economic impact in only a few months

Most trails use private property.

"These private landowner properties are not accessible during closed conditions,"  says Flindall. "We thank the many landowners who allow us to use their property for our trails. Without them, the trail system would not be possible."

He also warns that riding conditions have deteriorated over the last week,

"Spring breakup is a very unsafe time of year as lakes, ponds, swamps, and creeks start to open up. Ice conditions are unstable and completely unsafe. We encourage everyone to stay off trails and ice during this very unsafe time. Please put your sleds away.

"We sure got a kick out of this year and we're looking forward to next year. Only eight months until we start this all over again! We are counting the days!"